Managementsysteme/  Din Iso 9001 And integrative Systems:

For the past 30 years, we have been integrating management systems with the goal of providing the management with legal security in terms of personal liability and as a tool for managing the company.

Why is this so important if you already have a functioning control system?

Legal security/Liability:

The widely underestimated fact is that as a managing director, you can also be held liable with your private assets within a LLC. This applies to property damage to third parties as well as to the company itself. However, it is far more common for claims for compensation to arise in the event of accidents with personal injury. This form of liability cannot be delegated to other executives!!! ... but it can be significantly reduced by documenting the relevant areas with documented instructions and procedures to be followed with safety instructions. The personal liability for gross negligence is eliminated.

Management systems offer the right opportunities here. It is not even necessary to certify their management system.

Supplement to control:

With just raw numbers, you can only evaluate processes, but not control them.

Control provides a good basis for supplementing process control, which is intended to be achieved with the management system. Stability and constant improvement of the processes are constantly in focus here.